About Us

Buckler Security Systems was founded in, Lucknow state Capital of the state Uttar Pradesh in India, in the year 2014 by Mr. Awani Kumar Shukla.

Fifteen years ago it may have been a dream to this young entrepreneur, however, with a committed and a transparent vision to explore new horizons in Electronics Industry he moved on to become a proud owner of BUCKLER SECURITY SYSTEMS. For this young capitalist, the simple idea was to design innovative products and offer them at best value to a customer. It’s challenging to realize such unnatural dreams today. With a “Die hard” attitude and a passion in Electronics, the young aspirant moved one step at a time only to realize his dreams come true. Where, like minded people spent their ages pondering over ideas, as, how to become the most sought after brand in market, he made an effort to produce quality products that were engineered to safe guard your assets and deliver it at a reasonable price to the customer. The core idea was to reach every one in INDIA.

The range of Electronically Operated Systems offered by Buckler Security System had started to multiply. From Alcoholic Sensors fitted to Motorbikes Helmet, to Theft Protection Systems for vehicles, the mastermind moved on to create Home and Shop Security Systems that operate accurately even during power cuts.

Truly, this dedicated enthusiast would never stop creating, the best and accurate Security Systems available in today’s market.

The young entrepreneurs boast of his dedication towards safe guarding customer’s assets and say’s “That’s, the Truth in Innovation.”